Wella Shockwaves Styling Steel Gel (150ml) – Pack of 2

  • Absolute freeze effect
  • To refresh your style, redefine with damp fingers.
  • Shockwaves allows you to rock your own style

Do you need the ultimate in style hold when it comes to your hair. Wella Shockwaves Styling Steel gel has a freeze hold effect to hold even the most ambitious, gravity defying styles. Need to refresh your style. Then just redefine with damp fingers. Shockwaves allows you to rock your own style, which everyone knows is key if youre out for a big night. Shockwaves hair styling range will help you adapt to any situation from the pub, to the gig, to the dance floor. Style. Attract. Play.

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Stargazer Glitter Shaker Steel Grey Loose Glitter

  • Suitable for the face, skin and hair
  • ‘Recommended basis: Glitter fix Gel “
  • Capable of delivering Glitter looks

For exceptionally glamorous appearance. With this fantastic glitter loose glitter in a practical dispenser containers you can in your Handumdrehn ‘A fantastic look. Original from Stargazer, from London.
This loose glitter comes in a practical litter containers that small opening at the top, just like a salt shaker. With the great colours and the cool glitter look, you can quickly create and are look the star of the party. The glitter can be used in the face, on the skin and is also used in the hair. To make sure it good on the skin, preferably use our Glitter fix gel (not included) or any compatible base.
> Capacity: 5g
> Tin Dimensions: Approximately 3 x 4 x 3 cm

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Facial Hair Scissors – Eyebrow Trimmer – Grooming Scissors for Eyebrow Shaping, Ear, Nose, Nostril Hair and Mustache Trimming – for Men and Women. Leather Case. By PEAK (4.5 Inches, Stainless Steel).

  • DURABLE PRECISION COSMETIC TOOL: Made with hardened surgical stainless steel. The blades on these personal care scissors are straight and very sharp. Designed for precision trimming of brows, nose, ear, and nostril and mustache hair.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Uniquely shaped for precision cutting and ease of use by gently squeezing the handles. No finger loopholes, like on traditional scissors, that require you to twist your wrist or hand in an uncomfortable position to get the exact cut you need. The non-slip finger grips make them easy to use.
  • UNISEX: These are the best Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer just as much as they are Grooming Scissors for Men. Anyone can use them for their hair sculpting and personal grooming needs, everything from eyebrow shapes to shaping mustaches. They are the perfect addition to your cosmetic tool kit or beauty kit.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: These trimmers are 4.5 inches long and lightweight. Each pair is made by hand to exact specifications and quality control. As such, this Beauty Tool makes the best eyebrow sculptor and ear and nose hair remover around. Each pair of these clippers comes in its own leather case to protect them from damage and dulling of the blades.
  • WARRANTY: Our Twissers (scissors that are shaped like tweezers) are durable and should last you a lifetime. However, should they become dull at some point in the future and need sharpening, you can simply send them back to us and we will take care of it. You pay for the shipping, but the sharpening service is free, forever.

Our Facial Hair Trimmers are an excellent addition to your Cosmetic Tool Kit. Made of hardened surgical stainless steel, these Beauty Scissors are one of the highest quality grooming scissors on the market. They are shaped like tweezers with non-slip finger grips, making them extremely easy to use, increasing the accuracy and precision of your trimming. No more finger loop holes that require you to twist your wrist or hand in an uncomfortable position to get the exact cut you need. Each pair is made by hand and goes through strict quality control measures and testing to ensure they are perfect when they get to you. Each pair arrives in a protective leather case that will help prevent damage and dulling of the blades.

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Facial Epilator + FREE Eyebrow Razor Trimmer – Stainless Steel Threading Tool – Facial Hair Remover

  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can burn and discolour sensitive skin. Kireina epilator will remove hair from your chin, cheeks and upper lip areas only.
  • RESULTS LAST UP TO 6 WEEKS – Facial hair is quickly and effectively removed from the root without breakage. Hair grows back thinner and less course over time, making your unwanted facial hair less noticeable.
  • CHEAPER THAN BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Save money on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, sugaring, waxing, threading and electrolysis. Your low cost one time purchase will last you for months to come.
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE – The Kireina epilator is small, portable enough to travel with, and does not require batteries or maintenance. Simply use in the convenience of your own home, at work, or on vacation.
  • NO MORE UNATTRACTIVE FACIAL HAIR – The amazing Kireina epilator facial hair epilator will quickly and easily remove unwanted facial hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply Bend & Roll. No more squinting in the mirror with a pair of tweezers. Facial hair remover threading tool.

Facial Epilator + FREE Eyebrow Razor Trimmer – Stainless Steel Threading Tool – Facial Hair Remover

– One off low cost payment, and no more expensive hair removal treatments.
– Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips. Remove even the smaller hard to pluck hairs.
– Convenient travel size can be used on the go, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
– No more plucking, shaving or waxing, and you don’t need a mirror.

A Smooth Beautiful Hairless Face For up to 6 Weeks

Kireina epilator quickly and easily removes facial hair from the root, saving you time and money booking hair removal appointments with a specialist or beautician.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin – Facial hair remover threading tool

– Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can possibly burn and discolor sensitive skin.
– No batteries or maintenance required. Simply add to your monthly beauty regime.
– Hair grows back less coarse and less noticeable over time.

Each Kireina epilator Facial Hair Remover comes with Full Instruction On How To Use.

No questions asked, hassle and risk free money back guarantee

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Multi Grooming Set 4 in 1 Waterproof Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Ear Nose EyeBrow Hair Beard Personal Trimmer Kit with Changeable Head

  • 4 IN 1 Four interchangeable heads ideal for trimming nose and ear hair, eyebrows, sideburns and moustache.
  • High efficiency:Blades running 6500 revolutions per minute and 360 Rotary Precision Cutting System with LED Offers a Clean, Smooth, Safe and Comfortable Cut without Pulling or Tugging.
  • Water resistant design: It allows you to use the nose and ear trimmer in the shower and makes for an easy rinse off. Washable heads for easy cleaning , hygienically trims unwanted hair
  • As gift: Nose hair and ear trimmer , eyebrow and beard shaping, only with one set and all done. Packed in a beautiful and portable case, including everything you need for your personal trimmer, it is a surprise gift for both women and men.
  • Portable and lightweight,perfect for travel or just to keep it all in one place for home use.

These trimmer tools will give clear & intense makeup effects and make you fascinating and attractive! It is a one stop shop for men and women beauty needs such as: makeup, nails, personal care products or innovative beauty gadgets. A classic Trimmer Kit is ideal to keep your face looking at their absolute best. This amazing complete grooming kit/Trimmer Kit includes all the tools you need for a complete treatment. It is also the perfect size for travelling.

Simple and Functional 4 in 1 stainless steel facial trimmer kit tools
?It’s Rechargeable, Very Convenient, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection.
Multi-functional pocket pruning set is easy to use and carry
?4 PCS pruning contains nose and ear trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, Beard Trimmer, Sideburns Trimmer
Powerful 6500 Revolutions/Min Stainless Steel Blade and 360Rotary Precision Cutting System Offers a Clean, Smooth, Safe and Comfortable Cut without Pulling or Tugging.
Portable and Occupy No Space; Perfect for using at home or travel

The Blade Heads are Washable, but Rechargeable Body not.

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